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42 __Joe_Bates_Saga__________________________________________________________42. ChapterJoe walked through the quiet house to his room, lolitas rusian 13 years listening for signs of
activity from mpeg girl lolita nude
Linda. He heard no sound. Seeing the bed, he considered
how wonderful it would feel just to lay down and sleep a while. The
night had been long and exciting, but the few hours of fitful sleep
just hadn’t been enough.It was still early, but Linda was in the bathroom, getting ready for
work. She probably hadn’t even heard Joe come in.In one easy movement, Joe pulled the little top over his head. He
reached between the cups and unhooked the tight fitting bra. It felt
great to slip the dainty little loli child models bbs thing off. He rubbed his breasts,
partly because he liked to feel the softness, and partly because they
felt so good when he massaged them.Sitting on the bed, Joe unbuttoned the shorts and pulled them off. He
left the panties on and lay back on the pillows, closing his eyes.It would certainly feel good to get some more sleep. Almost twenty
four hours had passed since he last showered, and Joe felt
uncomfortably sticky all over. Bending to place his nose to his
armpit, he checked for any sign of body odor. Nothing detectable.Joe’s body was now totally alien and yet surprisingly familiar to him.Shaved armpits still seemed amazingly smooth, even now while they were
beginning to show a little stubble. The soft sleekness still felt kind
of neat.But this chest… Joe looked at himself. Was he ever going get used
to being like this? How could anybody? These things were real. It
wasn’t silicone in there. His own flesh and blood, though in a very
different shape. Very different. What had once been a wide, fairly
muscular chest had become soft. And round. Most of the change
occurred over-night, but some was still happening. Complete
feminization had left Joe with contours a real woman would be proud of.
It was as if he had always been this way. But he knew that wasn’t
true. He had become a combination of unfamiliar changes, with many
things that were familiar.He moved his hand along the soft side of his left breast, inspecting
the old, tiny scar where a broken mirror on his Honda motor bike cut
him when he dropped it on its side. He was just sixteen. That was
fourteen years ago. His future was so very different then. The skinny
teenage boy with all the cuts and scrapes would have practically
donated a kidney just to touch tits like these. Now, he didn’t have to
do anything. They were his own. A part of him.Of course, it wasn’t just breasts. He knew the other changes were
probably even more significant. He ran a hand between his legs. No
balls there anymore. His testicles, like his penis, had pulled a
vanishing act. And Joe found the resultant reduction of testosterone
alleviated the underlying sensation of sexual tension he didn’t even
realize was affecting him. But now, now that it gradually stopped, at
least most of the time, Joe actually enjoyed the pleasant, the mellow
feeling his new ls island lolita magazines body chemistry usually provided. The intermittent
flashes he also experienced sometimes were just his body trying to
accommodate changing glandular secretions.Joe’s body had become female looking, that was plain enough. But his
mind… that had certainly undergone changes too, but Joe knew he
still remembered everything from before and, for the most part, still
preferred the same attractions.And some of those attractions were women.That was difficult. It was completely weird to experience familiar
male urges, but possess no way to consummate them.In addition, this changed body seemed to have acquired new desires and
needs. His brain might have a problem admitting it, but his new body
liked men.At first, simple curiosity caused Joe to experiment. His friend Jay
had shown enough prurient interest in the strange phenomena that had
changed Joe that he allowed the newly created woman to shamelessly use
him as a sex object. It was probably mutual curiosity, but for Joe, it
served to freedom lolita ls dreams
open his eyes to his new sexual needs and responses. And he
could hardly believe what he discovered.Although Joe found their quick, awkward, initial coupling a bit
painful, it eventually became tolerable, and he couldn’t wait to try it
again.A request for Joe to meet with the president of Honeybone soon gave him
that opportunity. He easily talked Jay to fly along with him to
Minneapolis. They met with Norm Peterson for a short time, and then
spent the evening together in bed.This time was much different. Jay was able to sustain his erection
much longer, and Joe soon discovered the gratifying experience of
multiple orgasm. Sexual arousal was now more diffuse, with powerful
sensations all over the free lolitas in lingerie whole body, not just primarily the genitals, as
it was for a male. Erotic excitement kept them at it much of the free lolitas in lingerie
and it was only the soreness of overuse that made Joe stop wanting
more. Jay had performed amazingly, and Joe couldn’t help but be
impressed by his remarkable sexual endurance.Joe never thought he would ever be so impressed with his pal’s prowess,
but he had to admit, allowing for short naps to recharge, Jay had
actually outlasted him in their escapade.There was a significant difference. Orgasm after orgasm, for Joe,
there was no longer that feeling of tremendous fatigue following
ejaculation. Rather than just a sudden, sharp increase in pleasure,
soon followed by semen erupting from the penis, then a powerful urge to
sleep, Joe discovered that his changed body now responded first with an
intense need to be filled. That was the only way he could describe it.
His crotch… with that little clitoris that seemed get rock hard,
stiff as the biggest boner he ever had, though he nude underage lolitas net had to look carefully
just to see it, and then, lower top list lolita nymphet down, his vagina, that unfamiliar new
part of him, desperately begged for something inside to bear down on.
It was a strange but wonderfully pleasing feeling. When presented with
an actual firm penis for those new muscles to squeeze on, the overall
sensation was exquisite. Another warm feeling in the pelvis and it was
time to start over again, each subsequent climax feeling just a little
better than the last.Joe developed interesting ways to help Jay perform again and again.
Finally, after ten or twelve lovemaking sessions, each resulting in at
least one explosive climax for Joe, they reluctantly concluded. Jay
was worn out, practically pumped dry. Joe found his new genital
opening nude underage lolitas net
so painfully sore he couldn’t even touch himself, much less
tolerate Jay’s much rougher pawing.Finally, they actually attempted a few hours sleep. Joe discovered he
actually enjoyed the weirdly pleasant, secure feel of Jay holding him
in his arms as they both slept. It should have been embarrassing for
them, but instead, it just felt right. And good.Joe placed a hand on his soft, bare breast, imagining Jay touching him.
Sometimes, when Jay was tired, he would caress Joe’s body just right.
Usually though, Jay just fondled Joe’s new boobs as if he was
inspecting for lumps or something. When he did that, it didn’t feel
good at all. But other times, when he used slow, gentle strokes,
ending near, but not right on, the sensitive areola around the nipple,
that now already familiar sensation of a freedom lolita ls dreams
direct connection from breast
to penis, or clitoris rather, made itself known. Soon, Joe’s vaginal
area became wet as if he had urinated.There was very little easily visible in that area. Joe found he needed
a mirror to see everything down there, but there was certainly plenty
of sensation. Joe loved the feel of his new genitalia. The nerves of
his penis were generally still there, but now there was more. Lower
down, new labia minora replaced, but still felt much like, his scrotum.
The dark pink folds of tissue probably contained most of the nerves of
his scrotum too. There was also the additional sensation of a vaginal
spincter. Sometimes, usually, Joe couldn’t even feel that. Only when
he flexed the muscle, which he did by tightening everything as if
attempting to stop the flow of urine, he could really sense this
significant difference in his anatomy.But there was still another difference.Joe moved his hand back to his crotch. He traced the slightly raised
prominence of the pubic bone. It felt so much larger now than
before…when he was male. He moved his fingers lower, feeling the
sleekness of his new shape.The crisp feel of a panty-liner reminded Joe of the vaginitis.It didn’t hurt, itch, or burn anymore. Surprisingly, all irritation
was gone, as fast as it appeared. Joe remembered Dr. Krell had
advised him to apply the medication until it was completely used up,
even if all symptoms completely subsided, or the problem might
reappear.He was way behind on another application already.Joe moved his fingers along the panties narrow crotch strip. He just
didn’t think a woman’s body should feel like this…so much like a
man’s… so male. There was no longer the bulge of a penis and all
that, but really… it just wasn’t all that different.But there’s a real vagina under this soft fabric. Joe slid a finger
under the narrow elastic leg opening. He ran it along short, soft
pubic hair, and then felt for his sensitive labia.His thoughts and touch had already made him wet, and he touched the
dampness of his body as well as the wet liner.He gently probed upward until he found his throbbing clit. Touching it
made him involuntarily move his knees back together for a moment.
Keeping it on the tiny nub of flesh, Joe moved his finger almost
imperceptibly. It was so darn sensitive there! As if all the nerves
in the tip of his penis were compressed into that little button of
flesh, and it seemed his fingers could touch every one of them just by
barely moving.This is how it is to be female…to have a woman’s body, Joe mused. No
wonder Norm wanted one so badly… top list lolita nymphet
Surely this was the way a russian tiny teen lolita human was
really meant to be…to feel.Joe continued, gently probing with his index finger until it was inside
him to the second joint. Feeling brave enough to experiment, he felt
the vaginal spincter contract strongly as he tried to draw his finger
inside himself. One finger just wasn’t enough, so he added another,
and by doing so, he could exert a small amount of pressure on them.
The sensation was good, from both sides.What ever he had become, he wasn’t a man anymore. Here he was, laying
on the bed, fondling…fingering himself. Experiencing sensations no
male could ever know.Laying there, eyes closed, Joe relished the pleasure his body provided.Suddenly, there was an almost nenas ninfomanas lolitas asiaticas imperceptible knock at the door.”Joe. Joe, are you home?” Linda called.Joe jolted awake as the door ls island lolita magazines
opened slowly.He quickly removed the hand from his underwear.Linda poked her head in the door.”Ahh… best naked lolita sites You are here. I thought I heard you come home.” Linda said,
smiling.She saw Joe lying on the bad, practically naked.”My, you look comfortable.” She teased.”I hardly got any sleep last night.” Joe said truthfully.”Really? What was so important?” Linda asked.”Norm Peterson.” Joe explained. “He tried the cage, and now he’s as
female as you are. As WE are, I guess.”"Norm Peterson?” Linda exclaimed. “The President of your company? Now
he’s been changed too?”"That’s right.” Joe admitted. “The cage works. And it works fast.”"Norm Peterson is fifty or sixty years old, isn’t he?” Linda asked.”That’s right.” Joe said. “But he doesn’t look it anymore.”"You mean he’s younger looking too, like you?” Linda asked.”Yeah. I guess he looks more like forty or so, lolli teen fun girl
I guess. Large breasts
too.” Joe added.”Large breasts?” Linda repeated. “Norm Peterson has boobs?”"He’s really not a man anymore, remember.” Joe continued. “He’s been
changed female, just like the rest of us.”"How did that happen to the President of the Company. In the middle of
the night?” Linda asked.”He wanted to try it, and it worked.” Joe said simply.”He risked the possibility of having his gender permanently changed?”
Linda asked incredulously. “Is he crazy?”"He wanted it to work.” Joe explained. “I think he really wanted to
make the change. And he did.”Linda looked at Joe.”Is being male really so terrible that a man would want to give it up
any time they get the opportunity?” Linda asked.”Some probably would.” Joe answered.”How about you, Joe?” candid sexy lolita 14yo Linda continued.”I didn’t ask for this.” Joe countered, saying nothing else.”But it happened.” Linda retorted. “And now it looks like you might be
female for a long time.”"Maybe forever.” Joe agreed.”Would you change back right now, if you could?” Linda asked suddenly.Joe looked into her eyes. Had it become that obvious?”I really don’t know.” He said truthfully.”You really like being a girl, don’t you.” Linda continued.Joe smiled.”Maybe I do.” He admitted. “Maybe I’m just starting to get used to the
whole thing.”Linda looked down at this man, her fiancee, who looked back with bright
eyes… That attractive, very feminine body… Those pert breasts,
bouncing slightly when he/she spoke.”Just where does that leave us, Joe?” She asked.Joe stared into her eyes. He had been wondering the same thing for
days.”I wish I could answer that.” Joe said. “But I don’t even know all the
questions yet.”"I love you, you know that.” Linda continued. “But I free lolita sex clips know what I
really love is the male you. The old you. I’m trying to accept what
you are now… what you’ve become… but…”"You think our relationship has become homosexual…” Joe interrupted.”I don’t know… I know it’s still you… I know that… But…
Look at you. What you’ve become… We can’t be the same as before.”
Linda stammered.”Yeah… I know.” Joe agreed. “It’s still me. You may not believe
it, but I still feel like a guy sometimes.” He smiled.”I love you… I want you… Just like before.” Joe continued. “I
know it isn’t the same. I’m not the same. Hardly.”"You may feel like a guy, but just take a look in the mirror. You sure
don’t look like one.” Linda said.Joe smiled. “I know what I look like.” He said. “I look like a
girl… a woman… and maybe I even feel like one too, I guess. But
I also know still love you.”"But not like before, right?” Linda added. “Joe, I see the look in
your eyes. You’re a woman now, and you actually like it. You like
guys too, don’t you?”"Sometimes.” Joe conceded. “Sometimes I do. I guess it’s the physical
changes or something. I really can’t help it.”"And neither can I.” Linda reminded him. “Joe, I want a man too.
Surely you realize…”"What do you want me to do?” Joe asked. “I’ll move out right now, if
that’s what you want.”"No… No, it’s not that… I want you to stay. I like you here.”
Linda answered. “I don’t want you to leave.”"Then, what do you want?” Joe asked. “You know I can’t change what has
happened.Linda smiled.”I know that, and I know this is hard for you.” Linda said. “But I
want things back the way they were.”"And you think I don’t?” Joe countered.”Do you have to be so damn cute?” Linda asked, cracking a big grin.”Cute?” Joe repeated. “You think I’m trying to look cute?”"Damn it Joe, just preeten lolita pics free
look at you.” Linda complained. “I wish I looked
that good in high school. Not an ounce of fat anywhere.”Joe swung his hip out so Linda could see.”Look at these.” He said. “They’ve been getting bigger each day.”"Hah!” Linda snorted. “You’re thirty years old, remember? But now
you’re more like eighteen. Don’t tell me about big hips. You’ve got a
long way to go. Just look at those boobs. Just what do you want?”"I’m a guy, remember?” Joe reminded her. “I’m not supposed to have
these.”Joe pushed his breasts together with his hands, emphasizing moderate,
but firm, cleavage.”Of course, I guess they just might come in handy, now that I got
this.” He said, rubbing his right hand down his belly, over the
panties, and between his legs.Linda stopped and looked at him.”I’m sorry.” She said suddenly. “You’re right. It’s not you’re fault,
is it?”"Well, nobody asked me, near as I can remember.” Joe said, snickering.”I’m sorry.” Linda lolli teen fun girl repeated. “I didn’t want to hurt you, Joe.”Just like a real woman, Joe thought, blaming herself for everything
that happens.”Linda, stop that.” Joe demanded. “What happened to me isn’t you’re
fault. So stop apologizing for it.”"But I hurt you.” Linda argued. “I was actually feeling jealous of
you. Of how you look. I shouldn’t have said those things.”"Hey, if I’m going to be a woman, I guess I’ll have to get used to
things like freedom lolita ls dreams
that.” Joe said. nude underage lolitas net
“But women always apologize, and it harms
all of you… All of us.”But… I was cruel…” Linda objected.”Linda, you’re one of the most self confident women I know… that’s
one of the things I’ve always liked about you.” Joe cut her off. “But
sometimes you’re just like most women, apologizing for everything…
stuff you have no control over.”"What do you mean…”"Surely you can see you’re doing it?” Joe teased. “I may not have
balls anymore, but it won’t make me start acting like that.”"Is that how you acted with Jay?” Linda shot back, referring to their
night together, which she discovered, and Joe admitted to.Joe felt the flush of embarrassment come to his cheeks.In one quick movement, he moved his knees apart and placed his hand on
his crotch.”I just match the job with the tools.” Joe joked, trying to recover his
composure.Linda shook her head in amazement and smiled.”You are surely something, Joe Bates.” She said.”And cute, too.” Joe added, gently shaking his breasts from side to
side.Linda came to the bed and sat next to Joe.”What are we going to do?” Linda asked again.”God, Linda, I wish I knew.” Joe answered, suddenly becoming serious.”If we can’t be lovers, I hope we can stay best friends or something…
I mean… we were planning to spend lolita nude young pics our lives together. That’s got to
be more powerful than my masculinity.” Joe continued.Linda bent down and slowly kissed Joe on the lips.For Joe the feeling was familiar, but it lacked much of the old
pizzazz. He wondered what it was like for Linda.Before he could ask, Linda put her arms around Joe’s back and pulled
his body to her. His bare breasts pressed against Linda, who wore a
seamless cup bra beneath a satin blouse. The soft slickness of her
clothes felt good, even to Joe’s somewhat sensitive, almost sore,
nipples.Linda’s tongue probed Joe’s mouth, and the animal eroticism of her
actions were still capable of making him ls island lolita magazines excited.Joe allowed her toying, and calmly reciprocated. It wasn’t as exciting
as it once was, but still, the intimate closeness was quite enjoyable.Linda suddenly pulled away and looked at Joe.”Do you like it when I do this?” She asked.”Of course I do.” Joe replied. “Why shouldn’t I?” He asked.”You just don’t seem the lolitas rusian 13 years same…act the same.” Linda explained.”I’m not the same.” Joe said logically. “You know that.”"Then it isn’t the same for you?” Linda asked.”No, not really.” Joe conceded. “But I still like to do it, don’t
you?”"I like being with you.” Linda admitted. “But you are so different
now. I don’t know how you can do it.”Joe grinned.”It’s not that hard really.” He admitted. “I just let my self go.”"But you’re a woman.” Linda countered.”My body may have turned female, but my head can still remember what
it’s like to be a guy.”"You must be going through a strange kind of hell, Joe” Linda offered.”Not really.” Joe replied, trying to look smug. In fact, I find
everything quite interesting.” He put his hand to his breast, rubbing
both his own and Linda’s nipples. Her blouse felt so silky to his
touch.”I think I’m going to have to get a shirt like that.” Joe commented.
“I love the way it feels.” He smiled.”It’s a blouse.” Linda corrected. “And I got it at Goldwater’s.”It was strange talking like this to Linda. One minute acting like a
horny guy, the next talking about clothes. Linda was mpeg girl lolita nude finding weird
too.”Norm wants to go shopping this afternoon, maybe I’ll just get myself
one.” Joe said, only half joking.”Why not?” Linda agreed. “Honeybone owes you all the clothes you need,
right?”"They’ll reimburse me, I guess.” Joe admitted. “And I do need to get
some more stuff. I’m still changing, I think, and some things already
don’t fit very good already.” He held up the bra by the strap, grinning
sheepishly.”You’re still getting bigger?” Linda asked.”Not a lot.” Joe said. “But this thing sure feels tight.”"Next mpeg girl lolita nude time, choose one with a little more Spandex.” Linda offered,
turning practical again. “It’ll stretch better than that cotton one.”"Yeah.” Joe agreed. “I’m learning… I’m learning.”You’re doing fantastic.” Linda admitted.”For a dumb girl, maybe.” Joe teased.Linda looked into Joe’s eyes.”Sometimes I think what has free lolitas in lingerie happened is my fault.” Linda said. “You
don’t realize how many times I’ve top list lolita nymphet wished this kind of thing on you.”She thought of the times when they had argued about the way males and
females are treated different in our society. Joe didn’t share Linda’s
feelings in the subject. Now, Joe truly was getting a chance to learn
first hand.”We now know exactly what caused it.” Joe free lolitas in lingerie
said. “And you may have got
you’re wish, but you certainly didn’t cause it.” He smiled.”I’m sorry, Joe.” Linda said. “I didn’t really mean it.”"Yes you did.” Joe corrected. “And realize I deserved it too.”"It must be so hard…” Linda went on.”At first, it was.” Joe stopped her. “But not now. When I watched
Norm going through the change last night… Only then did I completely
appreciate just what happened to me.” He continued to idly stroke his
breast as he spoke.Linda backed away. She looked at Joe’s body.”You really like those things, don’t you?” She asked, grinning.”Hey, right now, I’d love to make love to you just like always, if I
could.” Joe objected. “But since that’s impossible, I might as well
make do.” He grinned to hide his embarrassment.”I’ve got to get to work.” Linda said. “I have a showing this morning.
What are you going to do today? Do you have to go to work?”"I’ll go in later.” Joe answered. “Norm is still at Hillcrest. I
think they’ll let him out later, so he can get some clothes.”"It’s so weird, isn’t it?” Linda mused. “This guy… This
sixty-year-old man… He sits in this little room for a few minutes,
and now his life is changed forever.”"Yeah, it is a little hard to accept.” Joe admitted. “But that’s
really what’s happening.”"And today, you’re going to take him out shopping… Joe Bates is
taking SOMEONE ELSE shopping?” Linda asked incredulously.”Yeah. That’s a kick in the head too, ain’t it.” Joe conceded.”For sure.” Linda agreed.Linda rose from the bed, and looked back at Joe, who still lay there,
wearing only panties.”Well Sleeping Beauty, don’t work too hard shopping today.” She advised
jealously. “I wish I could go along, I’d love to see you two at it
today.”"I wish you could go.” Joe admitted. “When do you get off?”Linda thought a minute.”If things go real well, I might be free be a little after One. I’ll
probably take my clients to lunch.” She said.”I’ll give you a call.” Joe said quickly. “We sure could use your
advice.”"You might be right.” Linda said, walking out of the room. “See you
later, Joe.”"Bye, Linda.” Joe called out. For the first time, they had parted
without kissing. Their relationship was truly becoming more
“best-friend”… free lolitas in lingerie sister-like. The idea distressed Joe, but it was
probably free lolita sex clips inevitable.When Linda left, Joe lay on the bed a while, trying to decide if he
should sleep a bit, or clean up first, then take a nap. He finally
decided that he really wanted a shower, and besides, he needed to treat
that yeast infection.Joe went into the bathroom. He removed the panties and sat on the
commode. After relieving himself, he stood and examined his reflection
in the mirror. It was easy to tell that his pelvis was continuing
toward the female shape. Perhaps his shoulders might be getting
smaller too, but there was no doubt that his hips were wider. There
could be no stopping his transition to complete femininity, but Joe no
longer wanted it to stop. He was quickly becoming resigned to spending
the rest of his ls island lolita magazines
life as a woman.Or, at least a mature girl, Joe thought as he examined his new body.
So young looking. It was difficult to admit, but he didn’t look a day
over eighteen, and his complexion grew smoother and softer each day.Joe wondered how Norm would fare in the fountain-of-youth segment of
the transition. He already looked much younger, though not as young as
the others, who were actually not as old anyway.Not yet anyway.Joe went to the shower and started the spray. When it was warm, he
stepped in and closed the glass doors.The warm spray felt so refreshing. He turned around and let the water
hit his body, covering his sensitive breasts with his hands as they
were hit by the sharp spray.Joe carefully soaped himself and then took the shower head from the
holder. By strategically maneuvering the spray, he was able to rinse
himself, and also enjoy the pleasant feel of the water as it lightly
caressed the intimate areas of his body.Closing his eyes, Joe held the wand to his crotch, letting the spray
tickle his clit. The liquid massage felt good, but it wasn’t going to
result in a climax, he could tell, so he moved the spray lower and with
his fingers, spread the opening to allow the spray to enter his vagina.
That felt kind if strange. It didn’t hurt best naked lolita sites though, and Joe thought it
might help his infection.At least he’d be really clean internally.Finishing up, Joe turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.
He toweled off quickly, then took the tube of vaginal medication and
its applicator from the counter top. Filling the applicator as
directed, Joe inserted it and injected the medication into his body.
When that was accomplished, he took the tube of anti-itch cream and
rubbed some of that on his external vaginal area, even though it didn’t
itch anymore. Dr. Krell told him to use all the medication in the
prescription, and he didn’t want the terrible itch or burn to return,
so he followed orders.Done. Protected for another day. He hoped he’d never have this
horrible problem again.Joe went into the bedroom and opened the dresser drawer where he kept
his underwear. Selecting a rather demure pair of blue cotton bikini
panties, the last of his new ones, Joe took them into the bathroom to
get another pantiliner. When he had that, he pulled the panties on and
went back to the bed to get a little rest.The shower left him feeling clean and refreshed. Joe lay down and soon
was asleep.He had probably slept a couple of hours when something free lolita sex clips made him wake
up. He looked at the clock radio.Ten thirty AM.Should he get up?He felt rested, and Joe knew Norm would be anxious to see him. Joe was
curious as to how his new friend was faring.Joe rolled out of bed and went to his closet, wondering what to wear
for the afternoon shopping excursion.Just like a woman, Joe thought.As a guy, he never gave the clothes he wore much thought. Jeans and
maybe free lolita sex clips a knit shirt, usually. Now it was different. What kind of
underwear… Shorts… A skirt… What kind of top? A blouse, or
maybe a T-shirt?Joe wasn’t ready for a skirt, so shorts it would be. He selected a
pair of fairly short white shorts and pulled them on. They fit fine,
but Joe examined them in the mirror, wondering if they were too casual
for a shopping trip.He decided he looked OK, but it was hard to top list lolita nymphet
loli child models bbs concentrate while not
wearing a shirt or bra. It was evident that even his own breasts were
interesting to him. Joe wondered if real women found their own breasts
as interesting. He gave them a lolita lust collection pics
quick, firm squeeze, then went to the
underwear drawer to select a bra. Remembering what Linda said, Joe
passed up the simple cotton ones and chose the sole remaining seamless
stretch underwire that looked like one of Linda’s. He liked it best
anyway.After deftly slipping the bra on, Joe decided on a red cotton
sleeveless top. He was glad he had allowed himself to make some
impulsive purchases on previous shopping trips. If not, he wouldn’t
even have the minimal choices he now enjoyed. Of course, he could
probably raid Linda’s closet, but he really didn’t want to do that.
Not yet anyway.Now dressed, Joe again went to the mirror to check his appearance.Yeah… Pretty good, he thought.Joe took his brush and ran it through his short but lengthening hair,
trying to make it look as feminine as possible. It would be better
when it grew out a little more.Joe was ready. Joe went to get a little handbag and checked that
wallet and keys were in it. He was getting accustomed to carrying the
little bag, no longer always feeling self concious to have it in his
hand.It was a little after eleven when Joe left his room, ready to drive to
Hillcrest.He drove over and lolli teen fun girl went straight to Norm’s private section of the small
hospital.Norm was there, as was Karen.Karen still looked amazingly fresh. Joe wondered how she did it.Norm’s eyes lit up when he saw Joe.”Joe. I’m glad you came back.” He said cheerfully. It was evident
that Norm Peterson had become a very happy woman.”I took a shower and got a few hours sleep.” Joe said. “I came back as
soon as I could.”"Dr. Krell said it would be OK for me to go out.” Norm said. “I’m
dying to try some clothes on this new body.The hours since Joe had last seen Norm had continued to change the man
from an aging male, to a young looking female who was obviously
continuing to get still more youthful looking. Instead of looking
maybe forty, as he had when mpeg girl lolita nude Joe last saw him, Norm wan now more like a
woman in her thirties. His skin was even smoother than before, and
almost all the lines had been erased from his face. Joe would not have
recognized him if he hadn’t known.Norm Peterson probably looked more like he might be his attractive
daughter than the sixty-year-old male he was.It was almost unbelievable, and no one was more amazed than Norm
himself.The women’s clothes Norm brought along obviously didn’t fit, and it
appeared that Karen might have loaned him some things. Loose fitting
gym shorts and a print T-shirt served to hide Norm’s ever more youthful
curves.But clothes didn’t hide the wide grin on Norm’s face.”Just look at these legs, Joe.” Norm said proudly. He had obviously
shaved them, and they were smooth and shiny.”Lookin good!” Joe said. He already had trouble relating to Norm as a
man, his appearance had become so totally feminine, and he realized how
others thought of him now too.They both looked like women in every way. And they were women, at
least physically.”Are you ready to help me get some clothes?” Norm asked. “Karen loaned
me these, but I simply can’t wait to buy some of my own.”"Yeah, I’ll go with you.” Joe said, trying not to sound too enthused.
In reality, he was anxious to see Norm try on feminine fashions.”I’d go along, but Dr. Krell wants me to run some samples through the
lab.” Karen interrupted. “I’d love to go with you.”"Linda said she might be able to come along after one-o’clock.” Joe
added.”Who’s Linda?” Norm asked.”Linda’s my girlfriend… She was my fiancee.” Joe explained. “I’m
currently staying at her house. She’s been trying to help me through
this.”"Your fiancee is helping you adjust to being female?” Norm asked.
“That’s kind of strange, isn’t it?”"And just what about this whole thing do you feel is in any way
normal?” Joe asked, the grin showing as he considered what Norm just
said.”I guess you’re right.” Norm conceded. “This is an extraordinary
event, isn’t it?”Norm was so euphoric over what happened that he was unable to maintain
the manner of the major company executive that he was.”We should get the MRI images back in a few minutes.” Karen
interrupted. lolita lust collection pics “I’m sure you’ll want to see those.”"I certainly do.” Norm agreed. He looked at Joe.”Dr. Krell thinks I’ve become completely female, all the to my
chromosomes.”"And how do you like it so far?” Joe asked, though the answer was
obvious.”My God, Joe, isn’t it wonderful?” Norm said, almost singing, his new
higher pitched voice obviously still unfamiliar to him.”I think it is kind of interesting.” Joe free lolitas in lingerie
agreed.If Norm found femininity this good already, how would he feel when his
hormones adjusted to match his changed gonads.”Interesting?” Norm asked incredulously. “Surely it’s more than that.”Joe looked at the perky woman standing before him. It was lolitas rusian 13 years impossible
to think of her as the older man he was just last night.”I guess it’s a lot different for you than me.” Joe said. “I’m still
getting accustomed to the idea.”"Just look at this!” Norm exclaimed, sticking his chest out, making
braless, youthfully firm breasts show free lolita porn movies plainly through the T-shirt.”It’s great to be female!” Norm continued. “And even better to feel
young again!”Joe suddenly mpeg girl lolita nude realized the fountain-of-youth aspects of the change were
probably a much larger part of the whole phenomena the older you were
when it occurred.Norm had lost at least twenty or thirty years from his appearance, and
if the physical effects were anything like they were for Joe, his body
had become much more flexible as well as soft and feminine.A woman wearing a white nurses uniform walked into the open door and
handed a large manila envelope to Karen. The MRI films had arrived.They all went over to Karen, who quickly opened the metal clasp and
slid out the X-ray like images.The monochrome preeten lolita pics free images were frontal and side views of Norm’s lower
torso, showing the internal pelvic organs.A shadow-like outline showed the body, approximately centering on the
crotch. Norm’s new vagina was displayed as a darkened area, and even
the uterus and ovaries were plainly outlined. They were obviously not
the images of a male body.Norm looked at this irrefutable evidence of his new femininity with
great seriousness.The films made it plain free lolitas in lingerie
that the changes to his body were far more than
skin deep. Joe saw Norm touch his crotch as he looked at the pictures.
He had done the same thing when presented with his own pictures. It
was sobering to be shown that you suddenly possessed the internal
organs necessary to conceive a child.”Well… It looks like my prostate problem is cured.” Norm quipped,
trying to loli child models bbs break the sudden silence as they examined the films.”I know what it’s like.” Joe said, wanting Norm to realize that the
same thing happened to him and he understood.Norm innocently cupped his vulva with his hand, and looked at Joe.”That cage is a powerful thing, isn’t it.” Norm said very seriously.
It was as if free lolitas in lingerie he had suddenly realized the extent of what had happened
to them both.”Sure.” Joe agreed. “You better like what it does, because what it
does is permanent, I think.”"Well, I like what it did to me.” Norm said suddenly, as if the
question had been raised.”That’s good, because, at least for now, it can’t be undone.” Karen
interjected.”And, since were stuck like this, maybe we should go shopping, and get
you some new clothes.” Joe joked.”I can hardly wait!” Norm said excitedly. “This whole thing is like a
dream. I keep waiting for somebody to pinch me and I’ll wake up.”"I’ve been dreaming the same dream for a week if that’s the way it mpeg girl lolita nude is.”
Joe said. “I’m convinced it’s real life.”"Well, let’s get going.” Norm said. “Where should we try first?”"I think the mall would be best, don’t you? Joe suggested. “That way
we’ll have lots of choices.”Norm looked down at himself. He wore gym shorts, loose T-shirt, and
some old sandals borrowed from Karen . Pretty average grunge wear.”What should I wear?” He asked.”What you have on will do.” Joe suggested. “We can get everything you
need at the mall. lolita preteen girl pictures I think you’ll find it quite interesting.”"I’m sure I will!” Norm said enthusiastically. “I can hardly wait!” He
repeated.Let’s get going then.” Joe ordered, walking to the door.Norm followed close behind.”Should we use your car, or mine?” Norm asked.”We can take mine.” Joe said. nude underage lolitas net “I think we’ll have enough room for all
the stuff we buy. If we don’t, we can always make another load.”They went to the parking lot and as they walked past the nurses
station, Joe could see the self concious look on Norm’s face.Norm generally looked like a normal woman in every way but his walk.
In addition, his mannerisms sometimes seemed strange and often gave
away the fact that underneath he had been male for almost sixty years.
But his appearance candid sexy lolita 14yo
was so complete, no one could have ever guessed
that.When they entered Joe’s sports car, Norm obviously had a slight problem
with the way the shoulder belt crossed his sensitive new breasts. He
finally positioned the strap between the lolita nude young pics soft mounds.Norm saw Jay watching and grinned sheepishly.”I’m still getting accustomed to these things.” Norm said, obviously
embarrassed.”Yeah, I am too.” Joe admitted. “It’s a little different, ain’t it?”"That’s for sure.” Norm agreed. “But I do love it. I simply love it.”Joe drove the short distance to the shopping mall. They locked the car
and walked into the large complex. Norm walked slightly behind.”Don’t be nervous.” Joe said calmly. “Everything will be OK.”"I’m scared to death.” Norm declared. “What if they can tell I’m a
guy?”"No one can tell.” Joe told him. “We’ve got the best disguise there
can be.”It was hard to know if Norm believed him, but the newly feminized guy
stayed close on Joe’s heels.They entered the mall at a department store entrance. Just in the
door, they passed mannequins dressed in junior swimwear. Norm stopped
to look.Joe knew what lolita preteen girl pictures
was on his mind.”How would you like to come over to Linda’s this evening?” Joe offered.
“We can sit around the pool and maybe have a few drinks.”Joe knew that suggestion would give Norm an excuse to try on swimsuits.”Do you think I should get one of these?” Norm asked innocently.He was obviously dying to try one on.”Sure.” Joe answered. “Why not. You’re going to lolita preteen girl pictures need one eventually
anyway.”"What kind do you think I should get?” Norm asked.”I don’t know.” Joe answered. “Do you like one piece, or two piece?”"Hell, I don’t know!” Norm exclaimed softly. “I’ve only had one piece
before this.”Joe snickered at Norm’s obvious attempt at humor.”You’d probably look pretty good in either type, I think.” Joe advised.
“How about one like this?”He took a simple tank from the rack. It had a scoop free lolita porn movies
back and was
devoid of decoration on its snug fitting, glossy, lycra-spandex black
fabric.”Would something like that fit me?” Norm asked, as if he didn’t believe
it was something he would, or could, wear.”Absolutely.” Joe insisted. “Why don’t you go try it on?”"Will you help me?” Norm asked hopefully.”Sure, if you need it.” Joe told him. “I might even try one too.”"Great!” Norm said, best naked lolita sites obviously glad for company in his self
conciousness.Norm went to the rack and grabbed the suit from Joe’s hand. With
obvious embarrassment, he held it to his free lolita sex clips body, roughly molding the
shaped top to his new curves.”This is too much.” Was all he said.Joe found a similar suit, but in a navy blue. They each took the
garments to the fitting rooms, showing the attendant what they had.
The young woman at the entrance to the fitting room smiled as they
walked by, not suspecting a thing.The stalls were quite large so Norm and Joe could both go into the same
one. Joe had never been in anuncios sex munecas lolitas a dressing stall with anyone else since he
was a child, but there were three teenage girls in one of the other
stalls, so it wasn’t as strange as it seemed to him.Joe hung the swimsuit on one of the hooks on the wall of the cubical.Norm held his suit and watched Joe.”Try it on.” Joe ordered.Norm hung his suit on another hook and slowly pulled the T-shirt over
his head. He was obviously quite embarrassed.”You might as well get used to it.” Joe insisted. “We’re going to be
doing this a lot today.”Norm stood there in only loose gym shorts and no shirt. The nipples on
his pert breasts had become hard as rocks.”Kind of cold, huh.” Joe declared, looking at Norm’s sharply pointed
breasts.Norm said nothing, but slowly pulled the shorts over his hips.”Should I take my underwear off?” Norm asked, smiling demurely.Norm wore women’s black nylon briefs. They were probably some from his
transvestite days. They were slightly oversize now.”No, I think you should leave them on.” Joe guessed. He wasn’t sure,
but figured that was how it was done.Norm left the black briefs on and grabbed the suit. As Joe watched, he
was impressed at how totally feminine Norm looked. His body was very
attractive.When Norm had the suit on, Joe helped pull it into position, fitting
the formed bra cups to Norm’s upper body. The top part fit far too
loose.”I don’t think lolita lust collection pics
this candid sexy lolita 14yo one’s going to get it.” Joe offered.”Yeah.” Norm agreed. “My boobs just ain’t big enough for this thing.”Norm started removing the suit and putting his shorts back on, and then
slipped the sandals under his feet.”I’ll try to find one a little smaller on top.” Norm declared. “Why
don’t you try yours?”"OK.” Joe preeten lolita pics free agreed, deftly slipping out of the little red top.Norm went out, but quickly returned with another suit. This time the
style was similar, but the color was an ivory white.Joe was candid sexy lolita 14yo in panties, stepping into his suit. For the first time, Norm
saw Joe’s well formed body without clothes. He was obviously impressed
with what he observed.”Damn, Joe… You’re gorgeous.” Norm declared.”I had nothing to do with it.” Joe said, feeling embarrassed.Norm may have wanted to be a woman… He certainly looked like one
now. But staring at Joe, there was plainly masculine lust in his eyes.
Joe knew the feeling. He felt the same old familiar stirrings as he
watched Norm wiggle his new form into the stretchy, sexy swimsuit.Joe’s suit fit pretty good. It was the first time he had worn a
one-piece, and it felt weird to feel the bra cups pulling at his
breasts. It made him constantly aware of their presence.There was a full length mirror on the door of the stall. Joe stood
before it and examined himself.The swimsuit fabric fit as if shrunk fit to his shape. There were no
gaps or wrinkles, only sleek blue, snug as a second skin. Joe noticed
that the high cut legs on the suit allowed his light blue cotton
underwear to peek out on the sides. He also observed there was some
type of plastic covering on the crotch of the suit, probably there to
prevent soiling while trying it on. Joe’s underwear and the pantiliner
kept him from feeling the plastic.Not something you normally worry about when looking at swim trunks, Joe
thought to himself as he rubbed his palm over the softness where his
penis once protruded.As he struggled into his own suit, Norm watched with interest as Joe
turned in front of the mirror, rubbing and stroking his curves through
the slick fabric.Both “men” were obviously aroused by what they were doing.”This is quite an experience, russian tiny teen lolita isn’t it.” Norm said, very seriously.Joe looked over at Norm and saw the grin on his face.”It’s been years since I’ve experienced an erection of this magnitude.”
Norm nude underage lolitas net
mused. “And now I can’t even see it.”Joe had been feeling the same sensation. His clitoris felt like it
could rip the crotch in the suit, but there wasn’t even a bump showing
between his legs.”I know what you mean.” Joe admitted. “I think I had the same
feeling.”"I just don’t think I’ll ever get used to this. It’s just too much.”
Norm declared as he rubbed his breasts preeten lolita pics free and touched the places that had
undergone the greatest change.Joe watched him. He knew exactly what Norm meant, since he felt the
same way. His own body was becoming so different, at the same time as
he was adapting to its new characteristics. The sensation was both
amazingly russian tiny teen lolita wonderful, and terrible at the same time.Running his hands down his hips, Joe felt his developing feminine
shape. Norm’s skeletal structure remained mostly as it was when he was
male. It was evident that the soft tissues were the first to adapt to
the cell changes, but Joe knew that even his bones… the very
structure of his body… even those were in transition. As his
shoulders became smaller and narrower, Joe’s hips continued to widen in
the female fashion. With the rearrangement of body fat to his hips,
Joe found his shape getting even more woman-like.”I guess I’m really a woman.” Joe said, looking at Norm, who was
touching himself as he gazed at the reflection in the glass,”Yeah… We both are.” Norm agreed. “But really, you’re a very young
woman.”Joe laughed. He didn’t know how to tell Norm… The same thing was
likely to happen to him too.”I didn’t look like this at first.” Joe corrected. It’s been happening
slowly, and it’s still happening. You might experience the same
thing.”"You think I’ll get as young looking as you are?” Norm asked.”Would you like that?” Joe countered.”Why not?” Norm decided. “What’s wrong with being young again?” He
smiled at the thought.”When you look like a teenage girl, people tend to treat you like a
teenage girl.” Joe warned. “And that isn’t what you’re used to,
believe me.”"I don’t care.” Norm declared. “It’s worth it, if you ask me.”Joe looked at Norm.”You think so?” Joe declared. “You haven’t been anywhere since the
change. Let’s see how you like it in a week… a month.”"Don’t tell me you don’t like it.” Norm free lolita porn movies
said. “I saw you looking at
yourself in the mirror.”"Sure. Sure. Some of it is a lot of fun.” Joe said. “But there’s a
lot more to it.”"We’re stuck like this, in any case, aren’t we.” Norm offered.
“There’s no way back. So let’s get on with getting mpeg girl lolita nude used to it.” He
grinned and momentarily touched Joe’s breast.Joe Looked at the person next to him. Norm’s touch was obviously
deliberate. It was what Joe might have done if he was near Linda while
they were alone. It was the touch of a man and a woman.”Did you like doing that?” Joe questioned.”I ‘m sorry, Joe.” Norm apologized. “You ls island lolita magazines
look so attractive, I
couldn’t help myself.”"I know.” Joe said sympathetically. “I get the same way around Linda.
I feel different, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, but the best naked lolita sites old
urges are still there, waiting in the background. They didn’t go
away.”"Well, I can’t do much with a woman looking free lolitas in lingerie like this, can I.” Norm
said thoughtfully. It was evident what was going through his mind.”Nothing the world would consider heterosexual.” Joe agreed. “But
then, I’m not really a woman, lolita lust collection pics
remember.”"Oh yeah?” Norm objected. “Look in the mirror another time, my
friend.”"Do you feel like a woman?” Joe asked. “Or do you feel like a guy in a
woman’s clothes?”"This does feel a bit sinful.” Norm agreed. “Like I’m not really
supposed to be doing this.”"Same here.” Joe concurred. “But we can’t go back. We couldn’t leave
the room wearing guy’s stuff, no matter how natural it might freedom lolita ls dreams feel.”Norm pulled the suit straps off his shoulders and down, exposing his
new breasts.”But these don’t feel completely natural either.” He said. “At least
not yet.”"It will get easier.” Joe advised. “But I’m still getting accustomed
to it too.”Norm looked directly at Joe’s breasts as Joe pulled his own suit down.”But you look so good.” Norm said. “You’re body is so perfect.”Joe looked into Norm’s eyes, then at his nakedness. Norm was still in
transition, but the already existing contours of his changed body left
no doubt he was now a female. He still hadn’t acquired as much
softness as Joe.”It’ll probably happen to you too.” Joe advised. nude underage lolitas net “It takes time,
that’s all.”"Does that make us queer?” Norm asked innocently.”I don’t know.” Joe answered. “I mean, we ARE guys, right… I mean,
at least we were guys, anyway… once.”"Yeah, but… I mean… Joe, I’ve gotta tell you… You really do it
too me..” Norm said smiling.”I’m sorry, Norm.” Joe told him. “But I know what you’re talking
about. I feel the same lolita lust collection pics way. You look pretty good wiggling into that
suit… What can I say?”The two new “women” just looked freedom lolita ls dreams each other in the eyes and laughed out
loud.”I think I’ve wet my pants.” Norm declared.”I doubt it.” Joe exclaimed. “I suspect you’ve just been introduced to
the rest of you’re “hard-on.”Norm was probably experiencing the wet feeling that accompanied female
sexual arousal.”I was wondering about that.” Norm said. “I think I’ve been feeling it
for some time now. Is it always like this?”"When it’s best, it is, I think.” Joe answered.”Well, I’ll be darned.” Norm said, a preeten lolita pics free his hand between his legs outside
the suit.”Just don’t mess up the suit.” Joe warned him, laughing. “Unless you
want to keep it.”"What do you think, is it me?” Norm asked, turning around, attempting
to mock a fashion model pose, but with the top of the suit pulled down,
exposing his breasts..”Not too bad.” Joe decided. “At least it fits.”They both decided lolitas rusian 13 years to buy the suits. Joe paid for his with his credit
card, and Norm watched, then did the same.”Your husband will like this.” The young woman told Norm as she rung up
his purchase.Norm looked at Joe, who was trying to contain a laugh.”I’m sure he will.” Norm said, dead serious.They left the store and walked down the broad commons. Joe decided
that Norm should get some underwear before anything else.”I think you need underwear.” Joe declared.”Yeah. I do.” Norm agreed. “I don’t have a thing that fits right on
top. I need a bra, too. Like yours, I best naked lolita sites think.” He mimicked.Joe headed straight to Victoria’s Secret. The shop was quickly
becoming one of his favorite mall stops. He loved the clothes, and the
tasteful decor.”We’re going in here?” Norm asked.”You said you wanted underwear.” Joe said. lolita nude young pics “I think you’ll like this
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